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Yellen boosted trader’s confidence with expected rate hike in December.

US Federal President Janet Yellen confirmed that raising interest rates would probably be appropriate “soon” as long as the economy make progress. She added: “In the last Monetary policy meeting in November, monetary policy-makers decided that the conditions to increase interest

Apple’s Competitors pushed its Profits down

Apple announced its earnings and sales decline for the third consecutive quarter. The Giant Company in the field of technology has sold 45.51 million units of the iPhone devices in the three months through September, which was higher than the average
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Weekly Market Update

The Monetary Policy Committee Meeting of the Federal Reserve showed that many of the bank’s policy makers believe that raising interest rates would be justified “relatively soon” if the US economy continues to improve. US stocks varied at the end of

OPEC: Waiting for November meeting

Petroleum Exporting Countries reached an agreement in Algeria for reducing oil production to a level between 32.5 and 33 million barrels a day. Qatari Energy Minister Mohammed Bin Saleh & Nigerian Minister of State for Petroleum Emmanuel Ebi Katcheko confirmed to

Fed cut interest rate expectations

European stocks fell in the early trading on Friday from their highest level in two weeks after the Federal Reserve’s decision (US central bank) to postpone raising interest rates. STOXX index 600 fell 0.4% after reaching its highest level on the
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Putin: Freezing oil production is the right decision.

Oil prices fell by more than three percent on Thursday, heading toward its biggest weekly loss since January, with investors ignoring the conversations that might freeze OPEC production. Investors focused on government data issued on Wednesday showing an increase of 2.3

Weekly Market Updates

The Federal Reserve Board Meeting of the monetary policy committee for the month of July showed that some policy-makers who have the right to vote believe that there is a need to raise interest rates in the United States soon. The

Gold hikes as England cut rates

Gold started steady in Asian trading on Friday as investors await the job data in the United States. The price of gold rose 0.12 percent to $ 1362.45 per ounce. US Gold contracts increased 0.15 percent to $ 1369.40 per ounce.
Draghi espera que la zona euro crezca modestamente en el segundo semestre

Draghi encouraged investors & kept rates unchanged

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi considered that it is too early to assess the repercussions of the British vote in favor of their country’s exit from the European Union on the fragile economic recovery in the euro zone. Officials kept
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Drop in US Oil Inventories

Oil prices rose, supported by a new drop in US crude stocks and a weak dollar, despite the oversupply of refined products and concerns about economic growth. Crude oil prices were influenced by the American Petroleum Institute, which showed a decline